Memoriez’ new album Holymodernnothing is due for release in October 2019 digitally with physical formats following on independent label Bloodstream. Digital release of Holymodernnothing will appear song by song during the next couple of months…

Currently available Tracks

  1. Wheel of Fortune
  2. High Hopes
  3. So Far
  4. Let It Be Alright
  5. Violence

Huntin’ a Hurricane

Memoriez made their debut with Huntin’ a Hurricane in early 2013. The album was self-produced and recorded in a handful of sessions in their basement-studio. Make sure to grab a copy on Vinyl or CD via Bloodstream Shop.


  1. Angered Eyes
  2. Set My Body Free
  3. Keep You In My Mind
  4. Can’t Picture Feelings
  5. The Clown
  6. Kill the Clocks
  7. The Road Not Taken
  8. Vibes Last Train
  9. No One Who Needs It Could Ever Change the World
  10. Y. P. M. F. T. T. G.
  11. Perished in the Sun